3 Miniaturen. 3 Mal Smokehead pur.

Smokehead Original 43% ABV. 5cl. Immense smoke yet subtly sweet with notes of sea salt and spice.

Smokehead High Voltage 58% ABV. 5cl. A rush of black smoke, creamy, nutty notes and a tangy sea salt finish.

Smokehead Rum Rebel 46% ABV. 5cl. Fiery peat smoke, burnt marshmallows and softened with caramelised fruit.

  • Artikelnummer 1495
  • Produzent / Destillerie Ian MacLeod Distillers
  • Range Core Range
  • Land Schottland
  • Region Islay
  • Reifung Various Casks and Finishes
  • Alkoholgehalt 43% ABV (Smokehead Original), 58% ABV (Smokehead High Voltage), 46% ABV (Smokehead Rum Rebel)
  • Inhalt 3x 0,05l
  • Besonderheiten Stark getorft

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