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Tie yourself down and wait for the hit of oily black smoke, with a rich, heavy mouthcoating peaty feel. Then along comes a sweet sticky flavour of barbecued banana (yes, really), tangy sultanas and dried fruits. Told you it was different.

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The peat returns, just as you hoped/feared it would. This time it’s brought some authentic Spanish sherry oakiness with it, pleasingly and disturbingly sweet. And one last sharp salty reminder that you’re not dealing with the ordinary here.

  • Artikelnummer 1492
  • Produzent / Destillerie Ian MacLeod Distillers
  • Range Core Range
  • Land Schottland
  • Region Islay
  • Reifung Bourbon and Sherry Casks
  • Farbe Gold
  • Alkoholgehalt 48% ABV
  • Inhalt 0,7 l
  • Besonderheiten Stark getorft

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