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Springbank 30 Jahre Vintage 1993 by Hunter Laing

This gold-coloured whisky is beautifully complex and aromatic on the nose with dried apricots, raspberries, leather, camphor and menthol. Sweet and fruity on the palate with lemon zest, yellow apple and chocolate orange along with caramel and a touch of sandalwood. The finish is very long and sweet with a lingering hint of smoke – a characteristically wonderful cask from this most renowned of distilleries.

  • Artikelnummer
  • Produzent / Destillerie Hunter Laing & Co. Ltd | Springbank
  • Range Old & Rare
  • Land Schottland
  • Jahrgang 1993
  • Region Campbeltown
  • Alkoholgehalt 50,8 % ABV
  • Inhalt 0,7 l
  • Besonderheiten Ohne Farbstoff · Ohne Kältefiltrierung

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