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A complicated palate where the initial nose would lead you to expect plump fruits, what you get is a surprisingly dry element. The palate fleshes out as the first impact of the nose fades. Adding water brings out the caramalised elements balanced with the wood elements expected of a 15 yr old.

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Firm and slightly dry.

Campbeltown’s whisky has long enjoyed a very special and long-standing relationship with Bourbon and American Oak casks. This traditional choice of wood compliments Glen Scotia’s slow fermentation and small batch process, delivering underlying balanced fruit character and sweet toffee and background spice that defines the whisky. With only a very short finish in Oloroso casks, the Glen Scotia 15-year-old let’s all of those classic regional traits shine through, delivering a true taste of Campbeltown.

  • Artikelnummer 1722
  • Produzent / Destillerie Glen Scotia Distillery
  • Range Core Range
  • Land Schottland
  • Region Campbeltown
  • Reifung Finest American oak Barrels
  • Alter 15 Jahre
  • Farbe Gold
  • Alkoholgehalt 46% ABV
  • Inhalt 0,7 l
  • Besonderheiten Ohne Kältefiltrierung

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